Pump for Joy

Spray pump being attacked by Maran

Spray pump attracting attention

As many of you hen keepers will know, each flock has one or two individuals who turn out to be real characters. I regularly use Poultry Shield to combat red mite. One morning I started to use the spray gun on the Maran/Bovan coop, it was going along nicely until the pump itself needed more pressure. I’d no sooner started to pump more pressure, when this maran girl ran over and began to attack the pump with her beak.

I’ve seen strange behaviour before of course, but nothing quite like this. The other hens nearby seem to be quite unmoved by the pump, but this little maran was having a fit, pecking quite hard at the pump itself and also me for good measure!

Post your strange behaviour anecdotes, we’d love to read them.

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