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New Coop[

We are in the process of upgrading our coops. The coops originally supplied have served their purpose and were largely very sturdy in construction, they did however let some of the worst weather seep through the sterling board and the coops themselves were on the small side. Having heard that a near neighbour of ours was producing new coops at a decent price, using good quality timber, we jumped at the chance.

Having described our needs to Joe, the features of these new bespoke coops are impressive. First of all, the build is excellent with quality wood. All the parts are made off site and just bolt together at this end. Each coop has 6 nestboxes, 4 roosting bars, metal roofs (we insisted on this) and they all come with a weather shelter attached with concreted floor if requested.

Coop Interior

With the floor area of each coop being much larger than the previous housing, this allows the birds to dust bathe, particularly in winter. We can then add some louse powder and some Stalosan (anti-bacterial/viral powder) to the bedding and also to the nestboxes.

We also had a new goose shed as well, which is minus roosting bars, pop hole and nesting boxes. Geese being a bit fickle, we thought getting them to mount their new ramp into the new shed would be troublesome to say the least, but no, they went straight up their new ramp and into the new shed at our first attempt. Quite surprising really. Now after several weeks they have no apprehensions about going in.

Attached Shelter

Back to our hens. The real test of course comes when the birds themselves start to use them. So far we have had 7 new housing units and all of them have been a rip roaring success. As can be seen by the photo below, they look at home and readily compete for the best nestbox or perching bar when they first go in at night. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks for the birds to be at ease with their new housing. It has to be said that cleaning these coops is more work and uses more bedding, but the birds are worth it. You can also stand upright in these coops which makes cleaning a little easier.

In their new housing we will also be installing some decent lighting. We chose a relatively inexpensive option, consisting of 2 light bulbs, an indoor control panel and a solar panel. This particular system we got from Amazon. With the two light bulbs lit it casts quite a bright light for the birds to choose their roosting position for the night.

Cosy Night Ahead!

We are very happy with the new housing, they are very bird friendly and each coop can easily cope with up to 30 birds. If you wish to take advantage of Joe’s coops contact him on Tel 01470 572343.

Take into account that your coop once ordered will take several weeks to appear on site. We can though assure you that the wait is well worth it!

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