Mr Chuckles

Mr Chuckles

Mr. Chuckles is a small elderly Japanese bantam. His exact age is uncertain, what we do know is that he is at least 7 to 8 years old. During the past summer he has had a respiratory complaint which caused some crackles from his lungs, but also blocked up eyes with both eyelids firmly closed. We took him inside the house to our hospital wing for a little while, until he was able to see again at least.

After a couple of weeks he had improved, his sight was back and his comb a bright red instead of being blue/black on the edges. He was also eating a lot better than he was outside where he had to compete for food. Having been rejected from the Japanese bantam coop by newer arrivals, come evening he tended to go into coops at random, none were welcoming and he looked isolated when looking inside.

Mr Chuckles

Mr. Chuckles looks much happier inside a brooder where he can easily eat and drink without harrasment. He also now crows in the morning which to our mind confirms he is happy with his lot for the moment.

Just before roosting time (or more accurately, lights out) he is taken out of the brooder and cuddled whilst having his head and ears stroked, he obviously enjoys this as his eyes close and he makes little chuckle sounds which gave him his name. This makes chicken keeping and all the work that goes with it such a joy.

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