A little gold Wyandotte bantam cockerel named Smokey has lived a long and happy life. He had great looks, a super little crow unlike any other male and a lovely warm personality. His lovely dapper gait and the supreme gloss of his feathers, all adding up to quite a character. We knew as we entered 2016 his days were numbered. We reckon he must have been at least 7 years old. His last year with us was not quite what we expected.


Unfortunately, his health was a constant worry as he suffered from numerous eye infections during the summer, which culminated in a tumour during December. We very reluctantly put him to sleep to end his suffering.

He started out in life back in 2009 and became a pin up for our new collection of Brahmas. I guess he really became their mascot. Where ever the Brahmas went Smokey was sure to follow. He just loved being with these big guys. Even more remarkable as his sleeping quarters were down the hill at the other end of the garden, in a coop devoted to mixed bantams.

Apart from his love of the Brahmas, he was largely a solo act who was happy with his own company and occasionally that of admiring female bantams. He is being missed already. We are left with very fond memories to treasure.

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