Weasel Amongst Hens

The weasel that Oliver caught!

The weasel

The weasel that Oliver caught!

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2 Responses to The weasel that Oliver caught!

  1. japanesebantamsandhybrids says:

    Hi Patti,
    Thanks for your question. That’s a lot of damage. It’s possible it could have been a weasel, but my money would be on a mink. We have suffered several attacks by a mink and they tend to come back again having got lucky once. They can attack by day like the weasel. Only a few weeks ago we had a mink attack and lost a young white leghorn, plus one of our favourite silkies. These birds were part of two groups that roost outside in trees, feathers were everywhere and the body of the silkie was still there. We left the silkie corpse in the hope of catching the mink as we knew it would come back to finish feeding on it. We never caught it though!

  2. Patti says:

    Three hens and two roosters were killed in their coop Some are missing their heads while others heads were not eaten. Also, the rear ends were tore up exposing their egg.
    Could this possibly be a weasel.

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