Our video page features some of our own videos together with others collected from YouTube.

One of our brown girls showing great admiration for a Silver Laced Wyandotte boy. He seems quite embarrassed? What do you think?

A short little video I came across recently of Zorro and his girl. A more devoted couple you couldn’t wish to see, Zorro’s girl is a Blue Brahma, but what is Zorro? Very moving and very sad!

Our three geese (Biscuit, Skye and Amber) enjoying bath time. One of them ‘Biscuit’ had to be put down (December 2011) due to a very large tumour just under one of her wings. She enjoyed three extra months before the end, very upsetting. The remaining two missed her a lot and were not themselves for months.

This video features George the Gold Brahma, Edward the dark Brahma and of course the girls. There is also little Smokey he is a Gold Laced Wyandotte bantam, he acts as the Brahma’s mascot. Unfortunately, George died from a heart attack back in January 2012. He came out of the coop in the morning with his girls and Edward as usual, but later that morning he just keeled over. We were very upset to loose him. Edward was devastated. He and George went everywhere together, they were just like brothers. Poor Edward kept looking for George for weeks afterwards.

Our 3 geese, (Biscuit, Skye and Amber) performing their water aerobics. They promply exit the baths and run like the clappers up the hill for a spot of preening. One poor old large maran lady had to get out of the way rather sharpish!

A group of young Wyandotte bantams havng a dust bath. The are all still with us and do so enjoy free ranging. The brown one is a Gold Laced Wyandotte called Smokey, he has a lovely crow, very pure and musical. The white and buff bird is a Buff Laced Wyandotte, Susie is the leading lady in the flock she now occupies and together with Smokey the boss, they make a very good duo.

One of our truly memorable little cockerels. Donald was a real character, he had no sense of scale and took on other roosters much bigger than himself. He was constantly on the move from one flock to another, no sooner had he settled into a flock, he would take on the rooster in charge and end up getting a pasting. Covered in blood, we have had to clean him up on numerous occasions. That’s why he ended up with rather ragged wattles. Finally he ended up in the flock he started in. You’ll notice he has a very high gate, goose stepping his way into and out of trouble. Thankfully as he got older he opted for the quite life. He was one of the few birds who loved being handled, you could stroke his head, or slowly stroke his ear and he would almost go to sleep, he loved it.

He passed away in October of 2012, I remember it well, he was not looking good a couple of days before, so we put him in a brooder in the garage for warmth and security. One lovely sunny morning that October, I decided to take him outside to enjoy the sun once more. He was fine for a minute or two, then all of sudden he started to have a fit and died in my arms from a heart attack. Sleep well lad, it was a honour to have known such a lovely character.

Our geese enjoying the pond. Amber and Skye are the white embden geese and Valerie and Gordon the grey geese. Gordon and Valerie are the noisiest, whilst Amber and Skye are almost silent by comparison. Gordon enjoys playing at bedtime, Brian wears tough gloves and has a tug of war with him, just like a dog. Valerie tries to join in but Gordon doesn’t allow her.

We got the younger grey geese as very young goslings and the two white geese brought them up. Amber was a little aloof to begin with, but Skye convinced her otherwise. Skye is wearing the blue leg ring and Amber the yellow ring.

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