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Below are some interesting links, places and people we can all learn something from.

Poultry Breeds

  • FeatherSite Poultry – An on-line zoological garden of domestic poultry.
  • RBST – Securing the future of our rare and native breeds of farm livestock.

Poultry Suppliers

  • Skye Pullets – (Donald MacDonald) Tel 01470 572213 – The ‘Hen Man’ of Skye. Can supply various hybrid chicken layers as well as ducks and geese. Will deliver in the Highlands.
  • Woodstock Chooks of OrkneyBreeds: Silver Laced Wyandotte, New Hampshire Red, Cuckoo Maran, Mottled Pekin, White Pekin, Black Silkie, Indian Runner Duck. Can also supply hatching eggs. Tel 01856 781276 Sue Wright .
  • Cheshire Poultry – Lots of information available, most of it in pdf format so you can easily download. Their hatching eggs consistently perform well for us.
  • Gulliver Geese – Suppliers of day old goslings available from April to August. Detailed information on how to rear goslings and geese.

Poultry Supplies

  • Solway Feeders – Poultry feeders, drinkers, egg incubators and more.
  • Home Farm Fowls – From hatching, to health and housing.
  • Chicken Saddles – From the United States. Good quality saddles at less than half price of those sold in the UK. Far more attractive and interesting designs. Worth the 2/3 week delivery time.

Poultry Housing

  • Donald MacDonald Tel 01470 572213 – The ‘Hen Man’ of Skye. Can supply quality chicken and goose coops to order. Will deliver in the Highlands.
  • Pear Tree Poultry – Good quality housing, feed, bedding and accessories, as well as birds.
  • Little Acre Products – A range of poultry housing designed with the smallholder, fancier and garden user in mind.

Poultry Health

Poultry Breed Clubs/Societies


Egg Incubators

  • Hatch-It Incubators – Online shop for incubators, housing and lots more.
  • Brinsea – Incubation specialists online shop.
  • The Incubator Shop – One of UK’s largest supplier of egg incubators. Over 100 incubators in stock.

Poultry Forums

  • Highland Poultry Adoption – Helping unwanted or surplus poultry throughout the Highlands of Scotland find new caring homes.
  • The Poultry Keeper – The independent forum for poultry keepers.
  • Poultry Chat – Large active forum with a very wide variety of topic boards.

Poultry Miscellaneous

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